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The performer shows a wooden frame on both sides containing a sheet of plexiglas.

A small cover with three holes is now placed over the center of the glass.

The performer now pushes a brass rod through the hole in the center of the cover.

Two further rods are now inserted through the remaining holes.

The performer now pulls all the brass rods out and immediately removes the
cover to reveal that the sheet of plexiglas is completely undamaged

It looks impossible with no explanation as too how the
brass rods could have penetrated through.

The frame measures approximately 12.5cm by 10cm and 1.5cm thick.

Each one is completely hand crafted from genuine teak wood along
with an antique finish and finally adorned with 20 brass nails.

“Ultimate Penetration Frame” comes complete
with a custom designed display stand.

Manufactured in 2013 by Magic Wagon Thailand.