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Performer shows a playing card and then inserts it into the
opening of a small flat wood frame style cabinet.

The three covers are now removed and the cabinet is then
shown on both sides with the playing card in full view.

Now, the middle section is pulled out to one side, visibly cutting the card into thirds!

You can now push your finger or other small object completely through the empty
space proving that the center section of the playing card has vanished.

The cabinet is now returned to its original position and the
card is then removed and shown to be fully restored!

The card can be completely examined!

No switching or palming of the card at any time!

The very special cabinet does all the work for you!

The cabinet is almost the exact size of a regular playing card which seems
to make it impossible to perform the classic Zig Zag Illusion!

Ultimate Zig Zag Card is crafted from the finest
selected teak with a hand-rubbed oil finish.

Manufactured in 2009 by Magic Wagon Thailand.