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A beautiful wood frame containing a playing card is displayed.

The performer then removes the back panel of the frame, takes out the card
and asks a spectator to either sign or tear off a corner of the card.

At this point, the spectator can clearly see right thru the empty wooden frame.

The performer now inserts the card back into the frame, replaces the back panel and immediately
moves the middle section out to the side, visibly cutting the card into thirds.

The frame is then shown on both sides proving that the card is truly “zig-zagged”.

The middle section is now pushed back and the card is then
removed and handed to the spectator as a souvenir.

The card can be signed and the signature remains in full view at all time!

There are no angle restrictions and the frame can be shown on both sides while being performed!

The mechanism has been cleverly designed so that the effect can be immediately repeated!

The Z Frame measures approximately 15cm wide by 17.5cm tall and 1cm deep and has been handcrafted
from natural aged teak wood with beautiful inlay work and a lightly distressed oil finish.

The gimmick inside the frame is completely handcrafted of
brass and was specifically made for this effect.

Manufactured in 2015 by Magic Wagon Thailand.